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What specific policies will help your district prepare students for current and emerging technology use? How can you help lead your district in creating these policies?

My school is very progressive in this area. We are already implementing some of the new emerging trends and have systems in place to research, evaluate, and experiment with other new ideas. I’ve pulled pieces of the tech policy, tech standards, and strategic plan that fit with emerging technology. To put our whole policy, strategic plan, and standards on here would take up too  much space.

Tech Policy

—-Technology and Information Literacy Vision Statement- IT and Library Services will collaborate with and empower students and staff to transform curiosity, creativity and compassion into ideas or artifacts with personal, social, or global significance.

IT Curriculum and Professional DevelopmentRapid changes in technology are continuously challenging teachers and tech integrators to meet high expectations in 21st century teaching standards. Three technology integrators, one at each section/developmental level,  are available for co-planning, coaching, and co-teaching to integrate technology into classroom learning.

Strategic Plan:

Learning- Strategic Objective: We will align expected outcomes, assessment, teaching, learning and reflection on practice in order to support our mission and student learning objectives.

Technology- End Result #1: —- empowers teachers and students with innovative practices, in a dynamic, technology-rich environment, in order to inspire action in the classroom and beyond. 

Inclusive School Culture-

  • End Result #2: —- uses differentiated instructional strategies and structures to help all learners reach his/her potential. 
  • End Result #3: — embraces and fosters an inclusive culture where differentiated instruction allows each student to achieve his/her potential. 

Inquiry-based Learning-

  • End Result #8: —- has a common understanding of inquiry and has provided the necessary opportunities to develop teacher expertise in inquiry-based instruction. 
  • End Result #9: —- has inquiry-based strategies that are integrated into instructional practice in order to foster a sense of curiosity and inspire action in the classroom and beyond. 
  • New End Result #10. Added to plan in March, 2015: —- has adopted models that utilize flexible learning spaces, collaborative learning, and alternative schedules and all potential human and technical resources to achieve essential skills through student passions. 

Tech Standards

Exhibits a positive, constructive approach toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity: 

  • Contributes ideas through digital collaborative tools that help others learn
  • Respectfully expands on the ideas of others in digital collaborative tools
  • Enhances the productivity of a group through the use of digital collaborative tools.

Uses information technology in a manner that enhances lifelong learning:

  • Teaches self new technology tools
  • Responsibly uses hardware and software to ensure access to information
  • Demonstrates leadership to help avert or resolve cyberbullying issues

We also have a complete BYOD handbook to help students and parents to know what they should bring to school. Students go through a tech bootcamp when they first come to our school, in order to help them understand the programs and processes that we have.

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  1. It does look like your district is on top of things and has a great policy in place. You are fortunate. Now, how do we get that to spread? With money of course.

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